[The articles on this website were written based on my vast experience in the field. However, in no way do they provide textbook solutions, a recommendation, or a call to action with a specific approach]

World events in the past several years have resulted in many changes globally.

Shutting down factories in China because of Covid.

Following the supply crisis, many products were in short supply.

The crisis in shipping and the rise in transport prices have now stabilized.

U.S. taxes on Chinese products.

And to top it off

The war between Russia and Ukraine caused several crises in Europe because of their dependency on Russian gas and the lack of grain supply from Ukraine.

All of the above, and more, require global reorganization through diversifying supply sources from different countries. Identify additional suppliers if possible, instead of relying on a single supplier from one country.

This isn’t possible to do with every product, but it is something to strive for.