Morey Manor

Morey Manor

Morey Manor

Moredecai ( Morey ) Manor has over 25 years of management and international marketing experience, including eight years working in the United States, where he served in senior positions at El Al, Zim, and Koor Trade in Chicago.

His experience in Israel includes:

International Marketing Division of Tadiran and Training Division at the Israel Export Institute

Worked in management and international marketing positions in a number of Israeli companies during the course of eight years. Also taught and lectured on these subjects in a number of Israeli institutions and organizations.

Has worked as an independent consultant since 1989, assisting some 850 Israeli companies and entrepreneurs in the areas of his expertise. (See Activities)

During the years 1994-95, and in 2000, he was employed as a marketing reviewer by the Fund for Encouraging Export Marketing.

“I’m confident that my personal and varied experience will greatly assist my clients.”