[The articles on this website were written based on my vast experience in the field. However, in no way do they provide textbook solutions, a recommendation, or a call to action with a specific approach]

The process of identifying a suitable marketing channel abroad requires acquaintance with target markets

Acquaintance with the relevant players

Understanding the business mentality and businesses abroad including the  target country

Educating yourself and examining the capabilities of the marketing channel and its ability to market your product abroad

You should always have an alternative channel to rely on


A marketing channel for your product abroad

Is actually your representative there

The channel is at the front


What do pre-pensioners, 50-60-year-olds, salaried employees, entrepreneurship and foreign trade have in common?

Many salaried employees choose to go on early retirement

One of the best channels for them to create income is establishing a start-up or a social business.

Of products and services.

The  new  global  world


The global world adapted to Covid and to working in a new “just in time” model.

The Covid crisis-

The discontinuation of production in several places in the world.

Severe disruptions in the supply chain.

Disruption in international logistics.

Severe disruption in international shipping.

Until the world gets its balance back, if it ever does,

It’s highly recommended to hold larger stocks,

Diversify supply resources – work with several countries if you can,

Even if there are differences in costs. Calculate the difference into the process. The alternative – shortage – is far more expensive.

Every order followed by a shipment is a deal.

The quick and frequent changes nowadays require thinking in those terms. You must inspect every order/shipment on all its components, even if the contract or agreement is periodic.

Global transformation

Today’s world is open.

The global market is active and developing.

Every company or initiative entering the field must learn and become acquainted with the rules and ‘have their finger on the pulse” because the pace of the changes is quick, and can be on a daily basis.

You must think globally – this is a different way of thinking compared to the local market.


What does Charles Orde Wingate have to do with export?

Wingate was a British officer who came to Palestine in 1936 and trained the Jewish ‘Haganna’ forces, teaching offense instead of defense.

Every act of penetrating international markets requires aggressive offense activities.

You must initiate

You must know how to operate

Not to be static/passive