• Market identification  for  start  ups in
  • Dental product
  • Agri  product
  • And building  the business model
  • Assist  in   export   procedures
  • Assist in import   to  Israel   procedures
  • Assist  in sourcing  suppliers    for   parallel import
  • Assist   in   obtaining exclusivity      for  import  to   Israel
  • Import  marketing   plan


  • -Assist Israeli exporters in going to overseas markets- market research,channels of distribution,documentation,logistics.
  • -Assist Israeli importers- from sourcing to importing.
  • -Applications to pre seed funds to gov organs.
  • -Business consultings to SME.


  • -Assist  exporters of   Cannabis,  scrap and  Judaica   goods
  • -Assist importers from  China,  EU,   East  Europe, and  USA
  • -Assist   pre  seed  ventures.


  • Assist   Israeli  importers  with  import from  China
  • Assist   Israeli  importers   with  import  from  USA  and   Europe
  • Revision  of import   procedures  with    an   Importers  and improve  the  contact  with  supplier  and        landed  cost  here
  • Assist  Exporters   from  Israel
  • Assist   Exporters  for  good, which  were  developed  here,and  exported  from China
  • Assist   pre  seed  ventures
  • Assist in     marketing   here   for  imported  goods




This  term  is  used  mainly  in the  IT  industry




In  my  work  I use it   in  order  to  better  to  my  customers  what  I  do.


I  give  my customers  the  entire  service, as  much as  possible ,in the   global   procedure


In the  Import  service


Contact  with  supplier

Putting  the        deal  together

Banking  and   payment   procedures

Shipping  and   Logistics

Import  procedures  in the importer  country

Import  costing-   to Landed  cost


Follow  up, and   some  Ad  Hoc  service

On  the   job  guidance  and  training


In the  Export  service

Marketing   plan

Getting   organized  for  going  overseas

Finding the  right  channel  of  distribution

Checking the       potential    channels

Import     procedures  and    regulation  in the  target  country

Putting  the        deal  together

Banking  and   payment   procedures

Shipping  and   Logistics

Follow up  until    arrival  at   customer  facility

Follow  up, and   some  Ad  Hoc  service

On  the   job  guidance  and  training


For the  entrepreneur

From   concept to  market

Business ,    commercial ,  BI  info  and  data

On  the   job  guidance  and  training

Marketing  plan

How  to  enter the  global  market

Assist  in  import  of   material  etc  for  the  venture

Follow  up, and   some  Ad  Hoc  service

On  the   job  guidance  and  training


Please     do  not    hesitate  and   ask    for  your  needs  and  requirements

10/  2015

USA is  a  major  trade  partner  in  the  Israeli   economy.


The  amount  of  trade  was     in  2014

In million   $   excluding   diamonds.


Exports  to  Israel     7609


Import  from  Israel    10556


Major    goods  that  are  exported to  Israel;


Agri  products,  food, minerals ,chemical  industry,  plastic  and  rubber,  paper,  textile, machinery, electric  and  electronic, optical  and more



Some of made  in  USA goods-    like  components  etc, return  to  USA, in made  in  Israel  finished  goods.


Between   USA  and  Israel,  there is   a ” Free  trade  area   agreement”,  whereby  most  made  in  USA  goods     are    duty  free  in  Israel  and  vice  versa.


The   agreement      specifies    the  rules  for  the  agreement.


Most  trade  is  free   without  any   quota  or  import  permit, but  there  are  other    import     regulation

By    various  government  authorities,  like  health,  agriculture,  communication etc.


Foreign  trade   in  Israel, is  free  without   any    currency  restrictions, and trade  is  done  in  US   $.

All  banks  in  Israel  correspond  with  all  major  US  banks,  some have also  US  branches.

Trade  is  done  by-

Open  account


Letter  of  credit

Shipments  to Israel       are  done  via  major  ocean  carriers  and  airlines


Ocean  ports  are

Haifa- in  the  north

Ashdod  in the  south


Ben  Gurion  intl  airport  is  the  intl  airport

English  is  a  common language     among  the   Israeli  businessmen.


Documents   required;


-Commercial  invoice

-Packing  list

-Documents    relating for  regulation  of   specific     goods


-Free  trade    area  certificate   attached to the  documents  of  the  shipment,  signed   by  the  exporter,   chamber  of  commerce  and

US  customs  (  check  the  agreement  for the  rules  before   shipping)

The document is prepared  by  the  customs  house  broker/forwarder  at  the  time  of  shipping.

-Other   documents  that may  be  required  depending  on the  goods  exported  like

FDA, Communication,   specifications, phytosanitary    certificate,  transportation   and  other   docs,   depends on  the  nature of  exported  goods.


At  the  moment  there  is  no  reciprocity  for  recognition  of    standards   of  goods  which  means  that

A  US  approved  FDA  product,   has  to  be  approved  once    again  in  Israel,  same  with  UL,  and  US regulators..


As  mentioned  above  most  goods are  duty  free  in  Israel  except some.


The  Israeli     customs  office  is  in  charge  on  import  procedure;

Goods are  classified  according to the  intl  HS  code  (  Harmonized  schedule)

There  is a  small  group  of  items  that  require  import   license, or  are   subject  to     government  quota

The  major tax in  import  is    (right  now)   17  %  VAT ,which  is  refundable  by the  importer  according  to  his  turnover  cycle.


The  base  for  payment  is;

Value  of  goods   CIF    ( which  includes     Freight  and  insurance)

And pier  charge  in  ocean  ports.

(  as  mentioned   almost  no  import  duty     for  US  goods,  unless  for  some  selected  items)


Vat   17%


Most import  shipments  about  -95%   are  cleared  the  same  day  by   Customs  office,   procedures    are  done  by    customs  house  brokers

Who   are  computer  linked  to  the    customs  office.

For a   few    goods  the   tax   structure  is different  , but  not  the  VAT.


Tips  for  the  US  exporter

-Check  the  market  potential  for  your  goods- consumption, local  production,  import  and  from  where,

-Israel  has  similar          agreements  to    the  Free  trade   area      agreement with-  EU,  CANADA, TURKEY, MEXICO,     MECUSOR  COUNTRIES

And  has  trade  relation  with  almost  all  countries  in the  world.

-Find  the  proper  channel  of  distribution  in  Israel  for    your  goods

Like-    OEM, agent,  importer, distributor

-Check       Your  potential    channel-customer,here

– Check       Localization-  labeling,  Hebrew  instruction,  etc.

-Check       Guarantee,  spare  part  policy, after     sale  service,   replacement  policy

-Check       The  ratio  between   US   $  and  Euro,  it  has  impact on  trade.

-Check       The  legality  for  exporting  from  USA,  (like  with  defense    products)

-Check       IP  status of  your  product  in  Israel

-Check       Import  regulation in  Israel  and  export regulation  in  US, before  shipping-  even    for  samples



Israel is a     relative   small country, 8,4million  people, with a  GDP  close  to   40000  $,  and  is  considered a  good   country

For  exporters, morale  payment of  importers  is  good,  and  the  strength  of  the  economy is also  good.

Israel  is  also  called  “start  up nation”





By: Morey Manor, International Marketing Consultant, Tel Aviv, Israel


Some Basic Facts and Information making Israel an attractive export market.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP)          $304 billion USD

GDP per capita                                        $32,140       USD

Population                                               Over 8 million

Democratic and free market

Competitive regulatory environment, well-established rule of law

English is the common language in Israel business


The major products exported to Israel are:

Agricultural products, food. Chemicals, plastic and paper products, textiles, and

machinery (electric, electronic, optical, others). Some US goods return to the US as part

of made-in-Israel finished goods. Israel’s reputation as the Start-up Nation makes it a

good market for technical goods and components; some such return to the US in

made-in-Israel finished products.


Most trade is free, without any quota or import permit, but there are regulations by government authorities such as health, agriculture, communications, and others. Foreign trade in Israel is free without any currency restrictions, and trade is done in US dollars.


All banks in Israel correspond with all major US banks, and some also have US branches.

Trade is done by open account, CAD, letter of credit.


Shipments to Israel are done by major ocean carriers and airlines. The ocean ports are Haifa in the north and Ashdod in the south. Israel’s international airport is Ben Gurion.


There is no reciprocity for recognition of standard, which means that a US-approved FDA product must be approved again in Israel, Same with UL, and other US   and or

Other International standards.


About 95% of import shipments are cleared in one day by the Customs office. The procedures are handled by customs house brokers who are computer-linked to the Customs office


The Israel customs office is in charge of import procedures. Goods are classified according to the International HS (Harmonized Schedule). There is a small group of items that require import license or are subject to government quota. The major tax on imports is 17% VAT (Value Added Tax) which is refundable according to its turnover cycle. Most goods are duty-free.


The base for payment is value of goods (CIF), which includes freight and insurance and other charges in ocean ports.


Tips for US Exporters – It is advisable for US companies considering and/or engaging in export to Israel to give attention to the following:


It may be necessary to Israelize the products, , with such as: Hebrew language labels, Israel measures of weight and dimesions, instructions/user manuel.


Research to determine the market potential, Israeli needs and preferences, appropriate distribution channel and the companies in each channel.


Identify and study major competitors and customers for your products those Israeli companies that are candidates to distribute your products in Israel.


Customer needs and expectations for such as spare parts, guarantees, post-sale services, replacement.


Changes in currency exchange rates, of other countries.


Trade Agreements – Most, but not all, imports from the US are duty-free. The US-Israel Free Trade Agreement has been in force since January 1, 1995. For all products, required documents include: a Certificate of Origin (COO), called, Free Trade Area Certificate, which is prepared by the shipper, customs house broker or freight forwarder. Author: Morey Manor, International Marketing Consultant, Tel Aviv Israel, m_manor@netvision.net.il, www.imm-global.com Mobile- 972   50 5 332400


In  the  int’l   process,  it  is  very  important  to prepare  all   documents  properly

Each  piece  of  data,  has  importance  in the  process

Once,  there  is a  mistake, it  goes  through  and  multiply  itself  . by  participants  in the process

Wrong  data,  can  cause  penalties, delay  and  cost  effective  results

Since  the importer  or  the  exporter,  prepares  the   documents,  he has  to be  careful   and   avoid mistakes

Documents, in  the  intl process ,  do  not talk,but  represent  the  transaction.



As   part  of  our  service

We assist  our   customers  in  going overseas


We  identify  target  countries

We  identify     channels  of  distribution

We  outline     proper  strategy

We   assist in    learning  the global    market  and  competition

We    assist  in the  proper  media

We assist  in   finding  the “field  mines”  and   obstacles

We  assist  in   putting  the  deal  to  work


We  are   active  and  function  in  a  dynamic  world

The amount of information which is  spread  is  huge

Each  business man   has  to identify  his sources  of information  and  select them

In order to  survive,  we have to  keep  the  flow of information

Once  we  block the  stream  of  info, we  loose  some  our  advantages in the     business  community

Once  we    stop  the    flow-it  is like a dam in  the flow

The  Power  of  Knowledge



All of us  know  about     formal  sources of  information,

The    question  is  to  identify  and use  them.

However  informal   sources         also  exist, but it  is  more  difficult  to identify  and use them,

Being  in an  Ocean,  the  waves  are permanent, so  it  is   a must

To  identify, find, use, keep  and  cultivate  these  informal   sources.


They  are  like  lubricant  in  machines.


This  is  the    power of knowledge  that gives business it’s vitality,


Combining  the formal  sources  and  informal  sources, give the  business   , the advantage  in  the market



Michael   Porter  describes  the marketing  environment  of  the  business  as  being in

Blue  Ocean


Red  Ocean

Each  business  has  to  find  out  and  know,  and  position   himself  in  one  of  the oceans.


Being  in  an  ocean, means fighting  the  waves-  moving  all  the  time

Moving=   process


Process=   efforts, sources, and  permanent  activity.

January, 2015

In recent years the trend and the practice is to be active in all aspects of marketing activity via on line marketing.

However, Some of on line marketing does not reach the target

People are flooded with info, and do not have time to read all.

Material is blocked by spam, and some people do not check spam file, before deleting it

Leads and e mails, are wrong ,and thus returned and do not reach the target.

t is recommended, to check what type of activity is done and according to;

Type of product
Target customer
Scope of activity
Target country
And accordingly to budget the activity and mix of on line and offline.

And To build some follow up system for the results

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