Channel of Distribution – Not a Dirty Word


One of the most important component of the marketing process, is who will be the proper channel of distribution.

A company that decides to go overseas, must look and search for the proper channel, almost from Day 1 of starting the process, or even earlier, when the product is almost at the end of R&D, and before going into production (TTM-Time to market).

We sometimes forget that even we are at the virtual era, still, new so called “old economy”, products enter the market, permanently.

It is true that in the virtual era, “Brick and Mortar” products, are sold, in most instances, in both types of channels of distribution. Thus, when preparing a marketing plan, consideration, has to be given to , both types, and proper alloaction of time , sources, funds, etc, has to bebudgeted accordingly.

The same has to apply also to advertising , public relation and other media activity and expenditure.

מורי מנור ניהול ושיווק בינלאומי