As part of our service , we can offer, our overseas customers the following service:

Being located in ISRAEL, we can assist overseas suppliers, the following services;

  • Market information on local market.
  • Market size
  • Local production.
  • Competition (from overseas or local suppliers).
  • Prices in the market.
  • Government requirements,( import permits, standards, duty, NTB).
  • Major present players in the market.
  • Identification of potential channels of distribution.

Based on above information we can recommend and assist in-
Import Entry Procedures ,as well as other methods of international cooperation

מורי מנור ניהול ושיווק בינלאומי
Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for more than 29% of total U.S. goods exported … and represent 97% of all U.S. exporters, according to the International Trade Administration Statistical Handbook on exporting SMEs.

Now the Small Business Administration (SBA) finds that it’s not out-of-pocket transaction costs keeping SMEs from bringing their products to the global marketplace. It’s the psychological, personal, and opportunity costs. The biggest psychological barrier to exporting is uncertainty about overseas markets, according to the SBA report “Costs of Developing a Foreign Market for a Small Business: The Market and Non-Market Barriers to Exporting by Small Firms.”

Since we are located , here, in Israel, we can assist the overseas exporter in finding the proper channel of distribution, here,