[The articles on this website were written based on my vast experience in the field. However, in no way do they provide textbook solutions, a recommendation, or a call to action with a specific approach]

Given my vast experience in this field, I wanted to share some insights that might help you, though won’t necessarily provide solutions for everyone.

  • Penetrating international markets is an ongoing process and not a hit and run accident.
  • The world, for the most part, is not waiting for you – other than in a small number of projects. You must prepare yourself accordingly.
  • This is a long distance hurdle race.
  • Don’t give up. Do not despair.
  • Learning the global market is a systematic process and can be done via Desk Job activities.
  • You must have a thorough understanding of global trade methods and payment terms.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
  • You must identify a number of target countries and focus on them, but keep a few other targets on the back burner. The world holds many surprises.
  • You must be familiar with ALL international marketing resources and platforms and establish a presence.
  • BE sure to have the most updated information on all of your marketing channels, their capabilities, and positioning in the target countries.