[The articles on this website were written based on my vast experience in the field. However, in no way do they provide textbook solutions, a recommendation, or a call to action with a specific approach]

Given my vast experience in this field, I wanted to share some insights that might help you, though won’t necessarily provide solutions for everyone.

  • Not identifying the target market during the development phase.
  • Not identifying the correct players, competing and/or complementing competitors.
  • Not recognizing all of the information resources in the field.
  • Lack of ongoing information flow from the market during development phase.
  • Lack of feedback updated information from global markets.
  • Not starting a thorough learning process of the global market at the early or final stages of development leads to a time gap in your ability to penetrate global markets in a timely manner once the development phase is complete.
  • Thorough learning of the global market is part of product development and should begin much earlier than the final development stage or upon its completion.