The consulting services I offer include:

  • A network of marketing consultants in most of the countries of the world.
  • Research on foreign markets.
  • Market surveys.
  • Identifying marketing channels.
  • Collecting market data.
  • Visiting local exhibitions.
  • Assistance in executing deals.
  • Providing ongoing marketing assistance and local information to the Israeli exporter.

During the marketing process, it is advantageous to receive the help of a local advisor, who is familiar with the country’s language and its ways of doing business.

Local market assistance can be very helpful and is sometimes less expensive during the initial stages of marketing planning and data collection and review, before the exporter actually goes out into the field or begins to develop initial contacts on his/her own.

There is an advantage in conducting market studies overseas by a third party, without exposing the exporter. Market studies can focus on a single country or may be conducted simultaneously in a number of target countries. .

מורי מנור ניהול ושיווק בינלאומי