During the past two years, I have implemented the following projects:

  • Business mentoring
  • Assistance in raising capital
  • Market studies in Israel commissioned from overseasMentoring and development in international marketing
  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing plans – Industry and Trade Ministry, Fund for Encouraging Export Marketing
  • Marketing coaching
  • Market research
  • Applications to the Chief Scientist
  • Locating distributors in Europe and other parts of the world
  • Business intelligence
  • Assisting start-ups in identifying and defining the world market and key players
  • Studying world markets
  • Studying pricing by foreign competitors
  • Marketing and business mentoring, and help in forging an appropriate strategy
  • Helping an attorney locate and contact an entrepreneur
  • Identifying an appropriate exhibition for a niche product
  • Preparing a marketing infrastructure for public relations and advertising for a new company
  • Market research in Israel for a foreign company
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in recruiting private funding sources
  • Assistance in writing executive summaries and business plans
  • Go/No Go reviews for entering an incubator
  • Reviewing the distribution system for an industrial product in the local market
  • Studying world markets as a basis for joint ventures
  • Drawback claims

Other projects completed in previous years:

  • Requests for company certification
  • Requests for grants from the Chief Scientist
  • Market research in Israel for clients from abroad

Some of the jobs were performed on an out-sourcing basis and others were done in-house. Additional details can be provided during a personal meeting/conversation. (Some of the details are confidential.) My network of advisors in the relevant countries assisted me in some of these projects. 

מורי מנור ניהול ושיווק בינלאומי