• Market identification  for  start  ups in
  • Dental product
  • Agri  product
  • And building  the business model
  • Assist  in   export   procedures
  • Assist in import   to  Israel   procedures
  • Assist  in sourcing  suppliers    for   parallel import
  • Assist   in   obtaining exclusivity      for  import  to   Israel
  • Import  marketing   plan


  • -Assist Israeli exporters in going to overseas markets- market research,channels of distribution,documentation,logistics.
  • -Assist Israeli importers- from sourcing to importing.
  • -Applications to pre seed funds to gov organs.
  • -Business consultings to SME.


  • -Assist  exporters of   Cannabis,  scrap and  Judaica   goods
  • -Assist importers from  China,  EU,   East  Europe, and  USA
  • -Assist   pre  seed  ventures.


  • Assist   Israeli  importers  with  import from  China
  • Assist   Israeli  importers   with  import  from  USA  and   Europe
  • Revision  of import   procedures  with    an   Importers  and improve  the  contact  with  supplier  and        landed  cost  here
  • Assist  Exporters   from  Israel
  • Assist   Exporters  for  good, which  were  developed  here,and  exported  from China
  • Assist   pre  seed  ventures
  • Assist in     marketing   here   for  imported  goods