[The articles on this website were written based on my vast experience in the field. However, in no way do they provide textbook solutions, a recommendation, or a call to action with a specific approach]

The JUST IN TIME model was developed in accordance with world globalization.        The essence is that countries do not have to produce everything. They can import what they need from other sources in a timely manner. Lately, there have been calls to re-examine this model and adjust it to today’s reality. During Covid-19, there was shortage of several products because manufacturers shut down or minimized production.
This led to a certain degree of shortage.

The trade wars between China and the U.S. might lead to changes in the scope of production in China and slowly moving production to other countries.

The Russia-Ukraine war has disrupted world trade.

The current war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and the tension in the North have disrupted international shipping from and to Israel.

I believe we must act on several levels.

Reconsider going back to local production of products whose production has moved abroad entirely or partially.

Importers – increase stock and identify additional supply resources.

Exporters – increase stock of your export products to meet the needs of your clients abroad so they won’t be harmed by the situation here.